Testimonials from Herbal Patients


Kym is not just expert at diagnosis and prescription in terms of the herbs that she recommends;  she listens closely, and responds creatively and intently – whether that is about finding a solution or finding a better path to well-being.  I am delighted that she is back in Lewes as a practitioner and I recommend her.
– KA



I first consulted Kym for my children some 18 years ago and was so relieved and impressed by the results that I have both returned for my own ailments and recommended her to friends.
My 12 year old boy, Sid,  was ‘failing to thrive’. He had a greenish pallor, suffered frequent debilitating bouts of stomach pain which left him unable to walk and was generally miserable. Our G.P had run some tests and then given up. ‘Try homeopathy or something”, he said, “I can’t help.”  My worries about a sinister cause were eased but this could not go on – Sid was suffering too much! I suspected that his anxious and highly strung personality was behind the symptoms.  I tried the “or something” in the shape of Herbalist.  It was Kym who spent time with him, listening, asking questions and looking hard at all of him. I filled in the background too as she took a full history. She was so warm, safe and smiling that even a skinny pre- adolescent could not resist and she was able to discover his main issue.
We went away with bottles of liquid herbs and the amelioration of the symptoms began almost immediately. My son had become over-sensitised to his own digestion and was aware of every little movement and event in his gut. This was feeding his wider anxiety and preventing any possibility of getting well. The herbs calmed his gut, he was able to eat and digest more normally and his other problems, social and emotional could be addressed. Kym helped us explore these and while Sid carried on with herbs which supported his healing, I was able to make some changes [a different school] which removed a major source of stress and anxiety.
Kym has continued to see us as whole people within a challenging world. I can tell her anything at all and she listens without judgement. She is able, with wise words, stories, suggestions and remedies to support physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I am ever grateful for her skills and intuition and her own ‘down to earth’ nature. Thank you Kym.
– SP

Lady's Mantle
Lady’s Mantle
Kym has, over the past year helped restore my emotional and physical well-being during and after my Mother’s terminal illness.
Through her intense training as a Herbalist, I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from any kind of health problem. I was very impressed with Kym’s thorough consultation, the time to listen and show empathy was paramount to anything that I had ever received before. Because I can be quite shy, I felt comfortable, unrushed and able to explain my situation with confidence.
As the months pass by, I am feeling alot more balanced emotionally. I have absolutely no hesitation in being able to seek support from such a respectful and professional Herbalist.
Thank you Kym.